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Skin Dullness Treatment

July 21, 2022

Many girls ask why the skin is always dull and lacks freshness. This is mainly due to two important factors.

Internally (Your body lacks an element of nutrition, so you can take care of your vitamins and eat healthy.)
The second reason, externally, is that your skin care routine is wrong or missing something.
The ideal routine for any skin type is as follows:
1- Cleanser for the skin (without exaggeration so that your skin does not dry out)
2- Tonic. Toner (an important step that cannot be dispensed with) - A skin serum that contains any of the following ingredients, for example (hyaluronic acid, ceramides, vitamin C, retinol...)
3- Cream according to your skin type
These are the perfect steps to get healthy skin
And keep in mind that these steps are taken in the morning and at night, but of course in the morning you use a cream with spf or sunblock

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