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10 Ways to Enhance Natural Curly Hair without Heat Styling Tools

May 14, 2023

1. Simply take your towel and press and twist the hair rather than roughly rubbing it back and forth.

2. Using a detangling brush on conditioned hair is a really great way to get your curls popping and it is the safest time to brush through your hair.

3.  Ask your hairstylist to feather the ends of your hair with a razor or scissors .This is one of the best kept secrets in hairdressing. 

4.  Swap your oily serum for a light curl creme. Oils and serums are great for smoothing down fly-aways.

5. Always use a diffuser when blow-drying. A diffuser is essential for evening out curl patterns. To give your curls some shape, simply turn your hairdryer on to the 'low' setting and drop them into the diffuser.

6. Avoid 'anti-frizz' products. Some anti-frizz products on the market contain silicones. This is harmful for curly hair as they do tend to weigh it down.

7. Change up your mousse game. Mousse can be a game-changer. It's packed with malleable proteins that strengthen every curl without that stiff feeling.

8.  Choose a light hold hairspray to lock in your style. Don't make the mistake of drenching your natural curls in strong hold hairspray to keep them in check.

9. Treat your hair to a deep condition treatment. Quench thirsty curls and encourage a lively bounce by treating your hair to an intensely hydrating conditioning treatment weekly or twice monthly, depending on your hair type.

10. Don't be afraid of salt sprays. To invigorate your curls, water is your BFF. 'Use a water spray and spritz the hair. Then, reapply your leave-in conditioner, gels or serums to reactivate the curls.

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